WeSense being the manufacturing arm of Microgene Diagnostics Systems Pvt Ltd

Our success and company history.

WeSense being the manufacturing arm of Microgene Diagnostics Systems Pvt Ltd. Closely understand the Market and Customer requirements …..their well establish brand AccuSure is very well known in market for range of Self Healthcare Medical Devices like Blood Glucose Meters, Blood Pressure Monitors, Nebulisers, Thermometers, Air Mattress, Massagers, Pulse Oximeters, Oxygen Concentrators, Heating Pads etc..

About WeSense

WeSense is the leading manufacturer and developer in, Healthcare products and Ortho Support range. Over the years, we have build up long term strategic partnership with the major sports retailers and pharmacies across India.

WeSense focuses on manufacturing and developing Ortho Support range, Healthcare products. Certified by CCPL for ISO9001:2015 and EN ISO13485:2016, GMP, CE,  our strict and effective quality system ensures reliable quality products output. By keeping innovating in technology and design, cooperating with clinical experts, athletes and patients, we are able to provide our customers with excellent supports aids and orthopedic braces. Our R&D team has strong 2D and 3D design abilities, allowing us to offer total solution to our customers from concept to manufacturing.

With lean management policy, we continuously improve our efficiency and quality level. As a result, we are able to bring up-to-date products with highest quality and most competitive prices to our customers to support our customers.

What do we do in WeSense

Manufacturing and Marketing

Range of Weighing Scales


Range of Heating Pads


Ortho Support Range

Manufacturing and Marketing

Knee Cap

Manufacturing and Marketing

Range of Massagers